Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

Host Von Schrader Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning

Endorsed by Brintons.

HOST is a super low moisture, carpet dry-cleaning system, that can have your carpets clean, bright and completely dry on completion. This system is ideal for dry cleaning both domestic and commercial carpets with medium to heavy soiling.

If your carpets are very heavily soiled and are in need of restoration level cleaning, our hot water extraction service might suit you best. Click here to go to our hot water extraction carpet cleaning page.

Our HOST Reliant dry compound carpet cleaning machine can be used to effectively dry-clean a whole range of different carpet types including those which are 100% wool or wool-rich. It is endorsed by Brintons, who are possibly the largest manufacturer of wool blend carpets, laying claim to the pioneering of the iconic 80% wool/20% nylon blend.

The HOST dry compound carpet cleaning system uses Woolsafe and Green Seal approved products. It is recommended by Woolsafe as a suitable system for the care and maintenance of Brinton’s carpets and a safe, effective option for cleaning most, if not all other wool and wool blend top brand carpets.

Man-made carpet fibres such as nylon, polyester or polypropylene, which are all types of plastic can also be effectively cleaned using the HOST system. In fact, it can give a big advantage when attempting to remove common spots and spills such as coffee, tea and wine from such fibres as they are susceptible to a phenomenon called wick-back.

woolsafe and greenseal approved logos
The Host Reliant dry compound carpet cleaning machine.

What is Wick-back?

Once the detergent is applied to plastic based carpet fibres during hot water extraction and it begins to do its job, any heavy marks and spills will break down. The soil can run down the fibres to the backing where they will sit until the carpet dries. This is due to the carpets low absorbency of water.

The result is the appearance that the stain has been removed; however, as the moisture begins to rise and evaporate into the atmosphere during the drying process, quite often, so too will the stain that was at the base, giving the impression that it has come back.

How HOST Cleaning Works

The HOST system uses specially designed sponges, dampened with the correct amount of water, detergents and a safe-to-use solvent. We scatter the sponges over the carpet, then the counter-rotating brushes carry the sponges deep into the carpet’s pile where they trap, absorb and extract any soiling and spots or stains which have been loosened.

We then use a commercial power vacuum cleaner to remove the sponges, along with the soiling they have absorbed.

Host dry sponges in hand

Video: HOST In Action

This is a video of the HOST carpet cleaning system being used to clean a polypropylene lounge carpet.

How HOST Works

The video below explains how the HOST carpet cleaning system works and its benefits. Click the blue box, then click Play to watch the video.

If you need professional quick drying, HOST dry carpet cleaning, Call Peter Now on 0151 513 7537.

Benefits of Host Carpet Dry Cleaning:
  • Woolsafe approved, family and pet safe products used
  • Saves on energy and water
  • Reduces the chance of stains reappearing
  • No waiting for carpets to dry
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial carpets
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by Mrs Russell on Blank Business Name

Great job, rug looks superb. Many thanks.

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Fabulous, thanks.

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Very good, clean job.