Rugs & Leather

Rug Cleaning Specialists in Wirral

With their unique ability to transform just about any floor space rugs are truly special. Many have beautiful designs and vibrant colours making them absolute works of art.

Their age, shape and size with origins from around the globe give them interesting looks and character.

Our professional approach to rug cleaning starts with a free visit to discuss your cleaning requirements. We then survey the age, condition, fibre type and colour fastness of your rugs.

With the exception of the few that can be safely cleaned on site, most rugs are taken to our off-site cleaning facility.

After being expertly cleaned and hand finished we carry out a final inspection before contacting you to arrange their return.

Have those classy showroom looks your leather furniture once boasted now taken on a dull, tired lived on look. If so superior clean can help. Our expert cleaning will gently remove the dirt that undoubtedly builds up on your furniture from day to day living.

After cleaning a protective balm is applied to the surface of the leather to keep it supple and help minimise any future wear and tear.

Our aim is to re-establish that appeal which helped you decide on buying your furniture in the first place.

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